Vehicle Suitability Guidelines

Vehicle Suitability Guidelines

A car used in an Assessment must:

  • Be currently registered
  • Have number plates fitted
  • Have a working handbrake that can be easily applied by an Authorised Driving Assessor and is located between the front seats
  • Have working brakes
  • Be reasonably clean and tidy
  • Have a windscreen that has a suitable level of visibility for the driver and the Authorised Driving Assessor. Cracks are acceptable provided they do not obscure the driver's or Authorised Driving Assessor's visibility
  • Have front doors and windows that open and shut from the inside and outside
  • Have front and rear indicator lights in working order, with no damage larger than 50 millimetres that emits a white light (indicators on the side or mirrors do not need to be functioning)
  • Have, at a minimum, two outside brake lights in working order, with no damage larger than 50 millimetres that emits a white light. Some cars have coloured bulbs and clear lenses. In this situation, a damaged light casing is not grounds for cancellation, provided the light is working
  • If the Assessment is being conducted in dim light, have working head and tail lights
  • If the Assessment is being conducted in wet weather, have working windscreen wipers and demisters
  • Have a speed display on the dashboard
  • Have tyres with a tread depth of at least 1.5 mm over the entire surface, are not flat, and have no obvious bulges on the side tyre walls
  • Have front seatbelts that are in good condition
  • Have front seats which are securely affixed
  • Have an unbroken and securely affixed rear view mirror and side mirror on the driver's side (unless the vehicle was manufactured without side mirrors)
  • Have at least one reverse light in working order. If one light is not working, the Assessment may continue but the driver must be made aware to repair the lights
  • Have a working horn

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